The Science of AgeRate

AgeRate MeasuresAgeRate measures DNA methylation to accurately predict your biological age 
What is DNA?

DNA is the software that operates our cells

It does not change and is passed down from parents

What is Biological Age?

There are 2 types

Biological age is a predictor of the functional capability of someone and their body

What is DNA Methylation?

DNA methylation is the addition of a methyl group onto the cytosine DNA base 

DNA methylation can change with the environment. It keeps track of the actions that individuals take

Methylation changes with lifestyle

How can DNA Methylation tell you about biological age?

Certain combinations of DNA methylation markers can represent different age populations 

These methylation profiles are accumulated from environmental impact and innate age-related changes.

DNA methylation markers are reversible making them useful for identifying true anti-aging interventions. 

DNA Methylation outperforms other biological age methods

6 types of biomarkers can currently satisfy these conditions

DNA Methylation age and its association 

DNA methylation clock is the most promising eliminator of biological age

Ageing affects our health whether from declining physical fitness to the development of an age-related disease

Biological age shows us insights about how your body is responding to time

Multiple lifestyle factors are associated with biological age



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