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You have been invited to be one of the first 200 users to try our beta service.  As an early user, we would love to hear your feedback to help our scientists and engineers improve the service to better help you on your journey towards optimal health & longevity.

Frequently asked questions

Why should i join this beta launch?

This beta launch is exclusive to the first 200 users. Our service is still in beta testing and we are using the feedback from our first 200 users to improve the experience. If you are passionate about health, longevity or technology and want to have your voice heard to help develop a service that you will truly love, this beta launch is for you! Our team of engineers and scientists will take all the feedback from the first 200 users and use it to update and improve our service.

Will I receive lifestyle coaching?

No, this version of the service does not include personalized lifestyle coaching. We have included lifestyle tips & challenges within the app that you can try to help improve your lifestyle for optimal health & longevity.

How long will it take to receive my test results?

The estimated turn-around time for you to receive your results once you have sent back your sample is 4 - 6 weeks.

What is the difference between the "Baseline Test" and "Improvement Package"?

The Baseline Test includes one test kit while the Improvement Package includes two test kits to help you monitor progress. For the Improvement Package, the second test kit will be sent three months after the first test kit. Please note, the second test does not include Biological Age and is used to monitor Chronic Inflammation, Metabolic Health, Immune Health and Diet Quality.

What exactly does the test measure?

AgeRate uses a custom lab process to measure thousands of epigenetic sites within your blood. To be exact, we are measuring DNA methylation at thousands of sites within your DNA. DNA methylation can be thought of as a switch that can either turn a gene "on" or "off". We use these measurements with our predictive algorithms to reveal the following insights: Biological Age Chronic Inflammation Immune Health Metabolic Health Diet Quality

What type of sample do i need to provide?

Our analysis requires a blood sample. Our kits include easy to use finger prick lancets to provide your blood and a pre-paid return shipping envelope to send it back to our lab