Control How You Age

Discover how you can slow down the ageing process with our personalized at-home DNA test.

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Control How You Age

Discover how you can slow down the ageing process with this breakthrough in longevity science

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Your New Approach To Ageing

Track how fast you have been ageing using the latest generation technology in the science of epigenetics.

Extract DNA

Using a blood sample, we read sites across your genome where methylation, a type of epigenetic change, has occurred

Calculate Your Biological Age

We analyze sites of methylation across your genome to calculate your biological age

Track Progress & Improve

Use your report results and recommendations to see if making healthy changes can impact how you age

What Is Epigenetics?

  • The study of how factors, such as lifestyle and environment, influence gene expression
  • It is possible to accurately reveal how biologically old your cells are based on epigenetics
  • The difference between your biological age and chronological age represents how fast your cells are ageing
  • Epigenetic changes are reversible and it is possible to control how well you age and improve your quality of life

We're scientists on a mission to help consumers, researchers and health professionals slow the ageing process

Meet Our Chief Science Officer

  • Canada Research Chair In Genetics and Molecular Epidemiology
  • 250+ Peer Reviewed Publications
  • 4 Patents In Genetic Technology
  • Professor, McMaster University

Dr. Guillaume Paré,. MD, MSc, FRCPC

We have the answers to your questions.

Why does the product do?

For centuries, humanity has strived to discover the secret to conquering ageing. Recent breakthroughs in epigenetic technology is bringing us one step closer to achieving that goal. With AgeRate, you will be able to control ageing by monitoring your biological age and adopting new lifestyle interventions provided through our platform.

What Is Biological Age?

Your biological age is how old your body actually is, which may be different then how old you actually are. Many factors contribute to changes in your biological age such as physical activity, smoking, nutrition and even stress. The AgeRate test is one of the most accurate ways of determining your biological age.

What Security Measures Are Taken?

AgeRate de-identifies all samples to ensure no link between your personal information and the genetic information. These two types of data are stored on separate servers with high security protocols in place.

When Will The Test Be Available?

The AgeRate Research Team is working diligently on developing a novel method of measuring DNA methylation to determine biological age. The test will be available to purchase in 2020.

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