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Reveal your biological age and make changes to improve with this state-of-the-art epigenetic testing service.
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It's exciting to see AgeRate offer a biological age test that is both accurate and affordable."


—  Melissa Boschman, Blogger


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Send us a DNA sample. Fill in some surveys online to give us an idea of your habits, diet, and lifestyle. 

Lab Analysis

Your sample is anonymously labeled and tested. Your results are processed. How?

Access Results

Your results are uploaded to your online profile, which only you can access. We also send you personalized recommendations on how to improve your biological age based on your test results.

Track Progress

Wait 3-12 months and take another AgeRate test. Watch as your results change over time and make new changes to keep extending your lifespan.

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Cut down time spent counting calories, browsing forums, or taking a bunch of health tests. AgeRate is a single test that definitively takes into account multiples health indicators.

Save Time

Your health should not be a mystery to you. AgeRate takes the complexity of a laboratory and puts you in control of your health - all in an easy to understand format.
(Psst: all your data is kept private, so your health results remain only yours.)

Backed By Science!

AgeRate breaks down your biological age into multiple variables, analyzing how everything from your diet to your sleep habits to your exercise routine is affecting your lifespan.

All Your Results!

One Test!

Have you ever found that ‘popular recommendations’ don’t work for you? AgeRate takes the frustration of getting healthy out by finding recommendations that work for you, based on your genetic results. 

Recommendations Personalized To YOU!

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